26 Feb 2014

Simple DIY Twisted Wire Ring

gold jewellery layer simple quick

This is a super easy DIY for when you have some extra wire lying around. I twisted the wire because it adds some interesting texture to the ring. All you need is a long piece of wire, mine is approx. 80cm long and some wire cutters.

wire cutters gold wire diy easy simple quick
 1. Start by folding the piece of wire in half.
wire gold twist half fold easy diy simple quick
 2. Twist the two lengths of wire together, continue until all the wire is twisted together.
twist wire gold diy easy ring simple quick
 3. Wrap the twisted piece of wire around your finger. This creates the layers.
coil spring twisted wire gold ring diy simple easy quick
 4. Wrap the two ends around the layers to complete the ring. Make sure to tuck the ends of the wire in so you don't scratch yourself when you wear it.
ring easy diy simple quick gold wire twisted twist layer

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