5 Feb 2014

DIY Drop Earrings

do it yourself jewellery beads wire easy simple pliers

Today's DIY are drop earrings. What you'll need is some wire, round nose pliers, wire cutter, 2x earring hooks and 2x set of beads.
 1. Cut the wire to how long you want the earring to be, while adding an extra 2 cm of wire to create the loop to attach to the earring hook.
2. Thread the beads on and slightly curve the wire to create an oval shape.
 3. Fold the left side wire over the right side wire, this will help keep your wire more stable.
wire bead blue earring drop diy 4. Use your round nose pliers to make a loop in the right side wire.wire bead blue earring drop diy 5. Cut the leftover right side wire and wrap the left side wire around, covering the end of the right side wire. Tuck the end of the left side wire in.wire bead blue earring drop diy 6. Attach the earring hook to the loop.wire bead blue earring drop diy 7. Repeat steps 1-6 to make the second earring.wire bead blue earring drop diy Voila!
wire beads blue jewellery earring

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