19 Feb 2014

DIY Mini to Maxi Skirt

blue mini do it yourself tutorial sewing bodycon

I've had this lace fabric for a long time and I found a bodycon skirt that I never wear anymore. I have always wanted to make a maxi skirt out of this fabric and then I found this DIY post. Problem solved. You will need an old stretch skirt, two 1m long pieces of lace, pins, thread and a sewing machine.

pin lace blue sew diy do it yourself
1. Pin the two pieces together and sew them together half way. I sewed it only half way because I wanted to create a slit at the bottom of the skirt.
 2. Pin the seam open and sew seam down.
blue lace pin hem diy do it yourself sew
 3. Sew down the hem of the end half of the skirt.
4. Repeat this on the other side of the skirt.
pin skirt mini lace bodycon maxi diy black blue do it yourself sew
5. Pin the lace skirt to the bodycon skirt. Make sure you pull the bodycon skirt tight when pinning so you don't lose the stretch of the skirt. 
sew blue lace diy maxi skirt blue do it yourself
 6. Sew the two layers together. Also stretching the bodycon skirt while sewing. Sew slowly to ensure the skirt is still stretchy when you have finished.
hem blue lace diy sew do it yourself skirt
7. Hem the bottom according to how tall you are. Cut the excess fabric off.
slit outfit mini blue long do it yourself

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