20 Apr 2014

DIY Ripped Knee Jeans

do it yourself craft distressed skinny leg rip hole easy simple quick

Since the trend started, I've been wanting to DIY one for myself. When I found these pair of distressed jeans at a market I knew I had to do it.
What you'll need: A pair of old or thrifted jeans, scissors, permanent marker and tweezers.
scissors diy do it yourself jeans ripped knee distressed thrifted op shopped second hand tweezers permanent marker sharpie
 1. I started off by hemming my jeans because they were a tad bit too long. Put the jeans on and mark with your permanent marker where you want to cut it off. 
hem jeans diy quick easy do it yourself simple sharpie marker permanent
 2. Snip it off. I left my hem raw but you can always hem it if you want
 3. Now for the ripped knees part. Put your jeans on and mark where you want the rips to sit
marker permanent ripped jeans diy knee hem thrifted do it yourself quick easy simple
rip hole distressed ripped diy jeans knee marker permanent thrifted do it yourself easy quick simple
 4. Then cut a slit. Make sure you don't cut the back as well, only cut one layer!
cut slit hole scissors jeans diy do it yourself ripped rip knee distressed easy simple quick
 5. Using your tweezers pick at the loose threads to create that distressed look. Keep tugging until you are happy with the look
tweezers thread loose rip distressed ripped knee jeans thrifted diy do it yourself quick easy simple
thrifted hole distressed rip do it yourself quick easy simple

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