21 Aug 2013

Europe Trip (Part 1)

Just recently I travelled to Europe with my family so here is my recount!

Leg 1: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was the first stop, to break up the incredibly long plane ride to London. As usual, shopping was the main priority in KL. My all time favourite place to shop is in Midvalley Megamall because it has all the shops I love, its also indoors and aircondition-ed which is a huge plus when in Malaysia, due to the stinking hot weather. We were only here for 2 days before heading off to Europe. But that didn't refrain me from shopping. My first buys were a stripped knitted jumper from Zara and a floral cropped top from Topshop. My two favourite stores. While shopping at F.O.S. I spotted these cheeky little boxers (not immature or anything). 

I also got my hair cut because it was at the awkward length, where it would flick out at the ends. I decided on an asymmetrical bob, which I totally love now. Now, no trip to KL would be complete without a Starbucks mocha frappuccino.

And with that, we jet-setted off to London.


Leg 2: London

London was used as our base while in Europe. We are lucky to have relatives and friends in London which made our lives a whole lot easier. Our main priority in London was to try and get over jet lag as soon as possible so we are completely energised for our upcoming adventures in Europe. But we didn't waste our time in London by just sleeping. Our first day involved going to the Tower of London and a tad bit of shopping. Harrods is a must go if you are in London and have a lot of money.... 

The best way to get around London is with the Underground, well it's the most fun. 

Part 2 will be coming soon! 

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