20 Aug 2013

Day in the life of Jing // 19 August 2013

Let's go the beach-each 
Let's go get away
Site visit today was at Cottesloe Beach. Beach in Winter? Yikes! But surprisingly it wasn't too cold. The purpose of this outing was to map the beach for our next assignment... fun fun haha. Even though this was for uni work, it was nice to actually get some fresh air for once. 

Cott Beach really is quite gorgeous, even in Winter!

Treated myself to Froyo after the site visit was over. I got me some pomegranate froyo with some good ol' choc chips.

This was the pretty sight I stumbled upon on the way home. This is why I love Australia.


On a side note, I lost my smartrider on Friday so I have to buy tickets, which cost so much. ugh. 

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