4 May 2014

DIY Camo Shirt

camouflage khaki easy simple sewing fix up
Bought a shirt with an ugly print on the back? Then I have a solution to your problem! All you need is the shirt, some scrap fabric (big enough to cover the back), scissors, pins, thread and a sewing machine.
 1. Pin the fabric down flat against the shirt and pin around the seam of the back piece. Make sure to pin as close to the seam as possible, this is so you know where to cut the fabric.
camo fabric camouflage diy sewing pins shirt khaki
 2. Cut around the pins, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. 
khaki camo camouflage pins sewing scissors cutting fabric diy
camouflage camo fabric pins khaki shirt diy
 3. Tuck the excess under to hide the edge and pin the fabric as close to the seam, so it looks like the fabric was the original back piece.
khaki shirt pins diy camouflage camo fabric
 4. Using a zig-zag stitch, stitch as close to the seam as possible around the whole of the fabric piece, to secure it to the shirt.
diy sewing stitches zig zag camo camouflage fabric army khaki shirt
camouflage army do it yourself sewing khaki distessed

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