5 Jan 2014

How To Style: Muscle Tees

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Muscle tees are my absolute favourite for summer. They can be worn in so many different ways and they come in many variations. Muscle tees are also incredibly easy to DIY, all you need is an old t-shirt and scissors. Here's a few ways how I style muscle tees.

nintendo muscle tee diy crop tie shorts high waisted black grey game vintage retro thrift thrifted sequin bag clutch asian girl short hair shoes heels red straps
(Muscle tee: DIY // Shorts: H&M // Heels: Novo // Clutch Bag: Rubi Shoes)

 Even though muscle tees are deemed "casual", it doesn't mean you need to save your muscle tees for casual looks. Here I have dressed up a casual outfit by adding some statement heels and a sequined clutch bag. The colour of the shoes compliments the colour of the "Nintendo" logo, tying the outfit together. This look is perfect for a night out with the girls or to go to dinner.

nintendo mario kart game vintage retro diy muscle tee thrift thrifted dress skirt bodycon black grey red bracelet bracelets jewellery silver boots wedges heels laces
(Muscle Tee: DIY // Bodycon Dress: Sportsgirl // Wedge Booties: Dotti // Bracelets: Sportsgirl & Emma Page)

 This next look is very versatile, it can be worn during the day as well as at night. The looseness of the muscle tee is counteracted with the slim fit of the bodycon dress. The black colour tone of the outfit, creates a focal point on the muscle tee.

edgy rock grunge tiger muscle tee silver jewellery necklace earring chain cuff black leggings jacket moto topshop boots military laces
(Muscle Tee: Topshop // Jacket: H&M // Leggings: Sportsgirl // Military Boots: Thrifted // Necklace: Colette // Earring: Sportsgirl)

This look is more a casual look, especially on those days that you feel a bit "grungey". My favourite muscle tee has got to be this one. The black palette not only looks very edgy, but it also slims the figure (Bonus!!). When you wear the jacket, the muscle tee looks like a normal t-shirt, which adds to the versatility of the muscle tee. I added silver jewellery to amp up the edginess. 

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