17 Dec 2013

DIY Phone Case Design Using Nail Polish

colour rainbow paint samsung galaxy swipe brush red blue green purple yellow silver bronze pink orange

Here is a quick DIY to revamp your old, plain phone cover. All you need is a plain phone cover, any colour will do, tons of nail polish in different colours (metallic and plain) and a top coat. 
black glitter shiny sparkly
silver OPI face shop blue mint green lime yellow neon orange red pink purple gold sportsgirl sally hansen essence sinful colours colour rainbow metallic china glaze
nail polish clear bottle
Load your nail polish brush up and then just swipe it onto the phone case in multiple directions. Layer different colours for some dimension. Continue doing this until you are satisfied. 
nail polish paint swipes stripes diy phone case cover colour color rainbow green lime red purple lilac mint
paint nail polish diy phone case cover samsung galaxy s3 mint green lime red pink purple bronze colour color rainbow stripe swipe abstract
colour color rainbow samsung galaxy s3 diy nail polish paint cover phone case stripe swipe yellow blue purple lilac red bronze gold green lime mint orange navy
 Once completed, let the nail polish dry for about 1 hour before putting on a layer of top coat to seal in the design. After painting an even layer of the top coat allow it to dry for 4-5 hours to ensure that it is all dry.

 This is the completed design. I'm really happy as to how it turned out.
design finished complete samsung galaxy s3 gold rainbow colour color stripe swipe nail polish pink paint green blue lilac purple yellow orange bronze red mint lime hand finger nails
red green lime yellow orange silver gold purple lilac blue colour color rainbow diy nail polish paint samsung galaxy s3 phone case cover

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