25 Sep 2013

Europe Trip (Part 3)

I should really finish off my Europe Trip recount as some of the details are getting extremely rusty... whoops. 

Leg 5: Paris, France

Cheeky selfie in the hall of mirrors in Verailles Palace

Versailles Palace

The Lourve
How eerie does the sun look in this picture!

"Love Lock" Bridge
Paris was so romantic and breathtaking. Everywhere you looked, the scene was perfect. I absolutely adore the buildings in Paris.

Leg 6: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam was by far my favourite place we visited. I love how there were hardly any cars, as most people just travel by bicycle or foot. I love the fashion style of most of the people there, there were so many younger people and they were all so hipster! I love the buildings and the canals. I just love Amsterdam.

Even the (temporary) graffiti is telling me to enjoy it! and I sure did enjoy it.

Leg 7: London, United Kingdom

This was the final stop before heading back to good ol' Perth. This leg basically consisted of meeting up with our friends in England. 

How awesome is this M&Ms store! It was so massive as well, it was 4 levels of so much M&Ms goodies! I especially loved the M&Ms coloured wall! If you love M&Ms then this is a must go when in London. 

I also went on a day trip to Brighton. To be honest, it was nothing I would rave about. Comparing the beaches in Perth to Brighton, the Aussie beaches wins by a mile. The beach at Brighton was a pebble beach, which confuses me a lot. How on earth is it comfortable to sit let alone walk on the beach?

We also went to King's Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4 and Warner Bros Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter. This was pretty much the best day of my life. I am a true Potterhead. Harry Potter was like my childhood, I grew up with Harry Potter. It was so amazing to see all the props, sets and costumes used in the shows. I am still not over how amazing this day was!

I never received my letter to Hogwarts :(

Erhmahgerd my hand is the same size as Emma Watsons! 

And that is the whole (quick) summary of my trip to Europe. I want to go back already cos uni is being a bum .... I can dream....

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